National Debating Championships

Last Updated: June 3rd, 2006

The National Championships are run under the banner of the CNDC (Canadian National Debating Championships) and contains the following board members:

Chris George, Brian Casey, John Robinson, Michael Muir, Martin Poirier, Josh Judah and Harold Kyte.

Format of Debate and Constitution




The 8th Annual National High School Debating Championships (jointly hosted by Lower Canada College and Trafalgar School for Girls) was held on Friday, February 3rd through to Sunday, February 5th.

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National Champions: Madeleine Ballard & Corey Wolman (Lower Canada College - Quebec)
Second Place (finalists): Christine Wadsworth & Luke Babad (Marshall McLuhan - Ontario)
Third Place (semi-finalists): Sheldon McCormick & Blair MacDonald (Sydney Academy - Nova Scotia)
Fourth Place (semi-finalists): Sophie MacIntyre & Megan Vandenhof (Sacred Heart Halifax - Nova Scotia)
Fifth Place (quarter-finalists): Ben Schachter & Steven Weisman (Northern S.S. - Ontario)
Sixth Place (quarter-finalists): Theo Lyons & Andrew Rusk (West Point Grey Academy - British Columbia)
Seventh Place (quarter-finalists): Lisa Curle & Devon Black (William Aberhart - Alberta)
Eighth Place (quarter-finalists): Steven Kryger & Dana Sidebottom (St. John’s-Ravenscourt - Manitoba)

Click here for the summary version of the standings after the preliminary rounds, and click here for the long version with all judges scores.

The break order was as follows:

1. McLuhan ( 6-0 )
2. Sydney ( 5-1 )
3. Northern ( 5-1 )
4. LCC ( 5-1 )
5. West Point Grey ( 5-1 )
6. Sacred Heart Halifax ( 5-1 )
7. William Aberhart ( 4-2 )
8. St. John’s-Ravenscourt ( 4-2 )

In the quarter finals:

McLuhan defeated SJR on a 4-3 decision.
Sydney defeated William Aberhart on a 4-1 decision.
Sacred Heart Halifax defeated Northern on a 4-3 decision.
LCC defeated West Point Grey on 6-1 decision.

In the semi-finals:

LCC defeated Sydney on a 8-3 decision.
McLuhan defeated Sacred Heart Halifax on a 8-3 decision.

In the final, LCC defeated McLuhan on 7-2 decision.

The individual standings are as follows:

1. Christine Wadsworth ( McLuhan - Ontario )
2. Ben Schachter ( Northern - Ontario )
3. Sheldon McCormick ( Sydney - Nova Scotia )
4. John Ashbourne ( Northern - Ontario )
5. Blair MacDonald ( Sydney - Nova Scotia )
6. Madeleine Ballard ( LCC - Quebec )
7. Devon Black ( William Aberhart - Alberta )
8. Sophie MacIntyre ( Sacred Heart - Nova Scotia )
9. Corey Wolman ( LCC - Quebec )
10. Theo Lyons ( West Point Grey - British Columbia )

Click here for the full individual standings.

The debating motions were as follows:

Round 1 and 2 ( prepared ): This House believes that outsourcing is beneficial to Canadian society.
Round 3: This House would ban all lotteries and casinos in Canada.
Round 4: This House supports the use of referenda to set legislation.
Round 5: This House believes that labour unions are detrimental to the Canadian workplace.
Round 6: This House supports the use of force to impose democracy.
Quarters: This House would sacrifice economic growth for the environment.
Semis: This House supports amnesty for past dictators.
Finals: This House believes that all youth charged with gun offences should be tried as adults.

The organizing committee consists of:

    Chris George - Chair, Lower Canada College
    Rachel McCabe - Trafalgar School
    Elizabeth Cohene - Lower Canada College
    Padraic Scanlan - Judging Director, McGill University
    David Barnett - Tabs Director, McGill University


Many thanks are extended to the following sponsors of the National Debating Championships for their generous support of this event.

    English Speaking Union of Canada

    Lower Canada College

    Quebec Student Debating Association


    The Bar of Montreal

Thanks also to:

    Trafalgar is a co-operating QSDA host-school
    Best Western Ville-Marie Suites (located at 3407 Peel Street) provided a special group rate for our out-of-town guests.