Junior National Debating Championships

Last Updated: May 28, 2007

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The QSDA hosted the 2007 Canadian Junior National Debating Championships from Thursday, May 10th to Saturday, May 12th in Montreal, Quebec. The chair of the event was Chris George.


  • Tournament Champions: Vinayak Mishra (Halifax Grammar) and Lyle Dobbin (Gorsebrook)
  • Finalists: Jonny Carson and Iqbal Kassam (West Point Grey Academy)
  • Semi-Finalists: Howard Cohen and Sam Gurman (Lower Canada College)
  • Semi-Finalists: Elizabeth Stratton and Elizabeth Cunningham (Branksome Hall)
  • Quarter-Finalists: Murhpy O'Connor and Arik Parnass (St. George's)
  • Quarter-Finalists: Karen Li and Di Mo (Queen Elizabeth School)
  • Quarter-Finalists: Michael Zimmerman (Centennial) and Phil Simard (Selwyn House)
  • Quarter-Finalists: Veenu Goswami and Keenan MacNeal (Calgary Science School)


Top 10 Speakers:

  1. Howard Cohen (Lower Canada College)
  2. Vinayak Mishra (Halifax Grammar)
  3. Jonny Carson (West Point Grey Academy)
  4. Lyle Dobbin (Gorsebrook)
  5. Murhpy O'Connor (St. George's)
  6. Iqbal Kassam (West Point Grey Academy)
  7. Sam Gurman (Lower Canada College)
  8. Elizabeth Stratton (Branksome Hall)
  9. Eric Higgins (Ashbury College)
  10. Andrew Morrison (Sacred Heart for Boys)


Top from Each Province:

  • British Columbia: Jonny Carson (West Point Grey Academy)
  • Alberta: Keenan MacNeal (Calgary Science School)
  • Saskatchewan: Jacqueline Carverhill (Walter Murray)
  • Manitoba: Jeremiah Kopp (St. John's-Ravenscourt)
  • Ontario: Elizabeth Stratton (Branksome Hall)
  • Quebec: Howard Cohen (Lower Canada College)
  • Nova Scotia: Vinayak Mishra (Halifax Grammar)
  • Newfoundland: Sam Clark (Brother Rice Junior High)


Top 5 Discussion Style Debaters:

  1. Vinayak Mishra (Halifax Grammar)
  2. Howard Cohen (Lower Canada College)
  3. Sarah Balakrishnan (Cameron Heights)
  4. Keenan MacNeal (Calgary Science School)
  5. Andrew Morrison (Sacred Heart for Boys)



  • Rounds 1 and 2 - This House supports standardized testing.
  • Rounds 3 and 4 - This House believes that governments should be allowed to regulate the internet.
  • Round 5 - This House would lower the voting age to 16 in Canada.
  • Round 6 - This House would require all Canadian high school students to take a course on world religions.
  • Round 7 - This House believes supports the use of child curfews in Canada.
  • Round 8 (Hidden Quarters) - This House believes Canada should withdraw Afghanistan.
  • Semi-Finals - This House would completely legalize marijuana in Canada.
  • Championship Round - This House supports the use of corporal punishment in schools.


We would like to thank the English Speaking Union of Canada and the Bar of Montreal for their generous support.


English Speaking Union of Canada

The Bar of Montreal

Important Documents:

Tournament Invitation (June 2006)
Tournament Invitation (December 2006)
Tournament Schedule (January 2007)
Junior Nationals Constitution
Minutes from 2006 Meeting
Minutes from 2007 Meeting

Student Registration Form

Adult Registration Form
Waiver Form

Organizing Committee:

Chris George - Chair, LCC Liana Palko - Vice-Chair, Selwyn House
Catherine Grimanis - E.C.S. Louise Chalmers - John Rennie
Shawna Katz - John Rennie Rachel McCabe - Webmaster / Multimedia
Padraic Scanlan - Chief Adjudicator David Barnett - Tabs Director

Rules and Resources:

The primary debate format is called “Canadian National Debate Format” or “CNDF” for short.

General Rules of Debate
Judging and Evaluation Criteria
Bracketing Information
Remarks to Judges
Scoring Range

“Canadian National Debate Format” Rules
“Canadian National Debate Format” Speaker Script
“Canadian National Debate Format” Ballot

Discussion Style Rules
Discussion Style Speaker’s Script
Discussion Style Ballot

The following schools have provided assistance in terms of hosting rounds of debate and/or providing billeting:

Other links:


Best Western Ville-Marie Suites (located at 3407 Peel Street) is providing a special group rate for our out-of-town guests -$125 plus tax.